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The Evans Family
Bob and dianne Evans
Loyality to each other is a treasure that we have gained from Gods word  for 80+ years between us

We lived in gold beach many years ago, Now we have returned to the the area known as Neski Beach
Best people ever, Sun sets Sun rises =  Ocean, - Clean Air - No fast food - No traffic lights - No boat docks - No gas Stations, Yes a little market. " perfect. Paved roads -
The tide comes in the tide goes out and we just stay the same.
Life is good, Waiting for paridice.  Enjoying our boys Watson and Dax

BobaneroBrew coming soon


We will be setting up a small home Brewery soon  

I will get that brewing  done soon "MySweet dianne

Is it Hot?     I can't wait

Spicy i tell You
Comming soon  For Sale page


Gold Beack King Thank"s You " We are adding content as we speak
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