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This was our Brewey in Idaho And Now we have moved to Nesika beach Oregon

We will Be setting up our home brewery
Where You can have a brew and good conversations
2 beer limit

Pure Habanero
& 1/4 ounce mixed hop Packet
200,000-300,000 SHU.  (Hot)

Pure Trinidad Scorpion
& 1/4 ounce   mixed hop Packets
1,469,000 SHU (Super   Hot)


This is a  Pouch of the heat you need for Hot beer
At 15 min Boil
Open pouch   dump Muslin bag with Hops and Habanero Spices  
Surmerge it to wort at 15 min   boil
"Squeez out Jusice in   Muslin bag between 2 spoonsor put in small   boul and bottom end of shatter proof beer bottle to
squees out   juice at end of boil
Mixed Hops are with
Centennial - Magnum -   Citra  - Amarillo - Simcoe

Throw away Muslin Bag
 " Keep away from Childern / Pets   & Skin   
Do not use fingers to   squeez muslin bag
Then Throw the bag safety away Why here is a Good Reason Story

Gilbert was from Brick   wood county not far from where his brother Flubup lived,

 just on the other side of  Willy creek. right next to the  Sand   Cone Bar which is now serves  Micro Brew

Gilbert   married his best friends sister Sally, She was educated,    graduated  from high school. Gilbert and Flubup had to work   on the farm  

Made it to 8th grade thought.  there Grampaw Willy raised   the boys,  cause there folks got sick and died.when they   were young

 Gilberts  mommy was the best pie maker in all of  Brick wood as   he remembers.

 Well  " Gilbert and Flubup were at  the sandcone having a beer    and  gilbert said  "WOW this beer is hot and mighty good.   whats it called

 Well is called Hopy Habanero.  flubup said   I love it to.    Yea " I have some brewing in the back.

 My own recipe.  but then I add this stuff  to my boiling pot of   beer " See that package over there"?
  why your making your own beer you just add the package to it.
   Let me see that Gilbert   turned to his brother and said

 Hey  "lets buy some , Grampa knows how to brew beer,  Yea" said Flubup.   Lets get that other kind too,  It says is real hot,   Scorpion Habanero,   We can make some beer

 for that  gal Cindy that likes you Flubup,  and thinks She so   tough " Good Idea  I take her on a hot Date     Thatsss Funny flub"  Let's go

it was Saterday morning  and they were out in the barn    Grampa came it,  What you boys doing?  We want to   makes some beer ,

Ok " I will show you, Grab some of thoes buckets  
    and rince them out in the watertrought   "Ok

 Gramp paw said  I get the Water boiling         
  Now you boys  go out to that old silo and get me a half   bucket of grain.

 and get some of that silage from the cow barn
 Got   lots of corn and Molasses in it " Need flavor  "Ok

  And Grampa"  we got some hot flavor to add to" Good Boys  lets   do her  This is how we used to do it and sell it to the   resveration said Gramps.

After about 45  min   Gilbert said  we got   to dump 1 of these packages in " Which one said Flubup?  I   dont know said Gilbert,  Grampa said dump both in

"" YAHOO  lets do it  so they did .

 Now Gilbert said,  Hey what do we we do with thoes spiced bags   now that we used them?

 Flubup said " lets open them up and clean the stuff out  and we   could put our change in them. "Good Idea

 Then grampa said  Wait a minute"  These packages have super hot   habaneros in them,  you can hurt your self.

 Flubup said AHHH  heck" can't be any worce then leaning up againse an   eletric fence.

 So Gilbert grabed the   Scorpion bag. Then was   trying to open it  "Who tied all these knots?  I can't   get them undone.

Just about that time Gilberts wife Sally came over to see what was going   on,  Gilbert said  "you got long fingernails, and    handed it to Sally,

Sally had no clue what was inside of that little bag. She got   the first knot undone then the second  then the third knot.

She had to dig her fingers into the tite opening in the bag    to open it up.  And of corce it was summer time and about   97 degrees,

 Well she pulled her finger out  to get a better grip then wiped the   sweat off her brow  """ YEP Habanero in the eyes""     She starter to jump back  
and wipe the burn out of her eyes.

 YEP there was pleanty of habanero on her hand  she got it in her   mouth her noise,  and then YELLED  "" Help me my eyes are   burring,,,

Gilbert Panicked  and grab the bag,   Flip the   spice all over his head right in his eyes

 and he then tryed to wipe the heat off with his hands   Started   yelling  I can' see"" help"

  well Flubup freeked out and started to run over to help him and triped over the pot   of brew

 spilling it all over his leg  "Hot brew . He started yelling
Iam burring
So grampa grabed the hose and started to drench   them and cool them off.

 Then  Gilbert threw the bag away from him,  Old Blue Flubup's   dog       
Grabed it    took about 3 bites into it""
 and started yelping and   running circles around the whole disaster

                                       Can it happen.?????

                                                                               Is worth saving the bag?.   Here is what  I will   do,,,,  if you are so tite in saving money and want to keep   the bag

 I will send you a new one free, All you need to do is  throw out the   old used bag and

 Just send me a self  stamped address envalope and  I will send you a new   empty   bag

Remember it takes 2 Stamps to mail the bag  

Gold Beack King Thank"s You " We are adding content as we speak
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