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Earth Quakes

Magnitude 4.5 earthquake hits Oregon coast                                                       Home
U.S. Geological Survey
A magnitude-4.5 earthquake struck Port Orford on the Oregon coast, Nov. 29, 2019.
By     Jamie Hale  -- The Oregonian/OregonLive                    
A small earthquake hit Port Orford on the Oregon coast Friday, shaking the community shortly after dusk.
The 4.5-magnitude earthquake struck at about 5:45 p.m., with its epicenter about two miles inland,
according to the U.S. Geological Survey.
That differs from a recent string of earthquakes in October that struck far off the Oregon coast.
A magnitude-4.7 temblor struck 96 miles offshore from Port Orford on Oct. 17 – one of five that rattled the coast that month.
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1 - If you pull
Cross 101 to Hillside acres go right,
then stay right go around curve
turn up adams rd   by the church it climbs up the hill

If you feel an earthquake, a tsunami may be coming.
DROP, COVER, HOLD  until the earthquake is over;protect yourself
MOVE IMMEDIATELY INLAND to high ground and away from low-lying coastal areas
DO  NOT WAIT for an Official Warning
GO ON FOOT if at all possible
DO NOT PACK or Delay
DO NOT RETURN to the beach – large waves may continue to come onshore for several hours
WAIT for an “all clear” from local Emergency Officials before returning to low-lying areas

Gold Beach Fire Department   
29592 Ellensburg Avenue    Gold Beach, OR 97444
(541) 247-6204

Gold Beach Police Department
29592 Ellensburg AvenueGold Beach, OR 97444
(541) 247-6671
Curry County Sheriff’s Office of Emergency Services
94235 Moore Street, Suite 311Gold Beach, OR 97444
(541) 247-3208
Oregon Emergency Management
3225 State Street, Salem,
OR 97301P.O. Box 14370, Salem, OR 97309-5062
(503) 378-2911
Department of Geology and Mineral Industries
800 NE Oregon Street, #28, Suite 965Portland, OR 97232
(971) 673-1555

htmInternational Tsunami Information Center
737 Bishop Street, Suite 2200 Honolulu, HI 96813
(808) 532-6422

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