Gold Beach King

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Gold Beach King
Welcome to Gold beach and home of Nesika
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Enjoy your visit to Gpld Beach King"
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King of Infomation in Gold beach

          • The one thing about Gold beach is Great People  
          • Property is cheap,
          • No red light ; 1 store   
          • NO FAST FOOD
          • Yes home of the NFF diet.
        • How much traffic is in Gold Beach?
          A snail " can cross the road  taking 3 days and his changes of making  it are 93.5%
          And also the internet service is about the same speed.
            The best Part is" Life here in Nesika beach Where we reside,
                    Moves at snail Speed
        • YES "Be happy "ForGet the City"  It's Perfect  "It takes  longer to age.
        •                  Yes We have Humming Birds

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Tides - Weather -Rising Setting Moon - More
City Hall 29592 Ellensburg Ave. Gold Beach, OR 97444
P: (541) 247-7029   F: (541) 247-2212  
Open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday - Friday
1 -  Skyscanner -
Information for airlines that fly to Medford, and other locations
2 - Rogue  River International Medford Airport
3 - Eugene Airport     4 - Gold Beach Air Port
Car Rental  
Brokings  1 -  
Carpenter Point S    2 -   Crecent City
Also see our site

Who are the best fisherman in Gold Beach?
Who needs a $50,000 Boat ?

Gold Beach King
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Kids and Grand   Parents " FUN

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Nesika beach .com
*Elevation :60' /  Population  442 /  1 store  /  No traffice lights  / 7 miles North of Gold Beach
Home of the NFF Diet   "NO FAST FOOD"  YEA   
You can "heer the Ocean / Best place to live.  7 + Stars
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